Sand & refinishing


Bringing your hardwoods back to life

There are many benefits to having solid hardwood flooring in your home. They are durable, timeless, and will always hold their value. However, the most beneficial aspect of having solid hardwoods in your home is the ability to sand and refinish them to bring the life back out of the hardwood and to give you that brand new flooring feel again.

Sand and finish

Sand and finish projects entail using "dustless" (not dust free) sanding equipment to remove existing finish or prepare new unfinished wood products to accept finish.

At LITTLE we have the ability to offer
  • Custom designs and borders
  • Oil based stains and polyurethanes
  • Water based and polyurethanes
  • Custom stain colors to meet our client’s needs
  • Environmentally friendly products

Our team includes a National Wood Flooring Association accredited Installation and Sand and Finish technician to ensure our projects are completed according to the most up to date industry standards.



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Improve the value of your property

At the top of the list of benefits sits the most obvious one: it adds value to your home. As any realtor will tell you, potential buyers seek out properties with wood floors. As such, refinishing your planks is a great idea before placing your residence on the market. Newly redone floors offer great appeal to many looking to purchase.

With many other types of materials, damaged floors typically mean an inevitable reinstallation. However, in most cases with solid hardwoods, we at LITTLE can save you that money of reinstalling material by simply coming in and refinishing your hardwoods. Refinishing gets rids of minor dents, scratches, and imperfections bringing the beauty of the hardwoods back out. You have many options when it comes to stain colors and finish choices. Whether you are looking for a dark more modern look, or a natural, light, more classic look we can make almost any of your ideas come to light on your hardwoods. Give us a call today to see how beautiful we can make your flooring.

Come visit our hardwood flooring store!

At LITTLE Wood Flooring & Cabinetry, we welcome you to our hardwood flooring store in Cornelius, North Carolina. Our on-site experts will happily answer all your soft and hard surfacing questions and point you in the right direction of hardwood refinishing service. Serving the Cornelius, NC, Lake Norman, NC, Charlotte, NC, Mooresville, NC, Davidson, NC, Denver, NC, Concord, NC, and Cornelius, NC areas, we’re ready to help you find the best flooring for your renovation.